Yes On
Prop 22
Save App-Based Jobs & Services

During an economic crisis where millions of Californians are out of a job, the state should be focused on creating job opportunities, not threatening your right to choose flexible and independent work.

SOLUTION: Yes on Prop 22

Save App-Based Jobs & Services

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More than 1 million Californians choose to work as independent contractors with app-based rideshare, food and grocery delivery platforms working with flexibility that lets them control when, where and how long they work.


Protects the ability of app-based drivers to choose independent work

PROVIDES drivers new protections and benefits

  • Guaranteed hourly earnings and per mile compensation toward expenses
  • New health benefits for drivers who drive at least 15 hours/week
  • Occupational accident insurance to cover injuries and illnesses on the job
  • Protection against discrimination and sexual harassment

SAVE hundreds of thousands of CA jobs

IMPLEMENTS strong new public safety protections

Driver Statistics

app-based drivers prefer to be independent contractors

More than 80%

of drivers work less than 20 hours a week, have other jobs or responsibilities, and can’t work set shifts as employees

What Drivers are Saying

App-Based Rideshare & Delivery Drivers support Proposition 22

Paid for by Yes on 22 – Save App-Based Jobs & Services: a coalition of on-demand drivers and platforms, small businesses, public safety and community organizations. Committee major funding from Uber Technologies, Lyft, and DoorDash.

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